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DIY Night/ Christmas Style

One down One to go...

I failed to make the girls their own stockings last year so I figured DIY club would be the perfect time to get them finished- well I finished Ida's at least.  The little girl holding a doll & the deer are from the Etsy shop Gingerly 88- I think they are cake toppers. Do you think she'll still like it when she's 16...

So can anyone draw a ballet dancer for me? That's what Elsa requested on her stocking.

** update- elsa's stocking finished

p.s. -I know should of fluffed up the tutu before I took the picture. 
p.s.s. -a chain stitch is really easy- trying to draw a head that's not too big for a little ballerina's body when you're not an artist- not so easy. This was the 3rd stocking try. Luckily I hadn't sewed anything together first...
p.s.s.s. -I know the point shoes look funny- but i'm ok with that.


.caroline armelle. said...

that turned out darling! i love it!

still need to finish mine.

thanks for a fun productive night!

Angela said...

Get out! I can't believe how cute that turned out. Adorable!

scuz said...

can you make and sell those!? i'd buy some!

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